Process After You See Roof Damage

You see you have roof damage. Either shingles have blown off, or there is an undeniable pool of water in your living room from a roof leak. But the first thing that goes through your mind is, now what? Obviously, you know you have to call an experienced roofer. But how much will this cost? Is it covered by insurance? If so, how does that work? You feel immediately overwhelmed. This is where Fraley Roofing comes into play. Here is our simple process:

  1. Customer calls our office (receptionist takes their information)
  2. Receptionist passes that information onto a manager (residential or
  3. Manager then passes that information onto the salesperson
  4. Salesperson reaches back out to the customer to direct them from there
    (whether they need an estimate or what).

Another concern you have is HOW MUCH WILL THIS COST? Good thing with Fraley Roofing, to get someone on your roof to see what’s happening, it’s completely nothing. Estimates and quotes are free! Once a plan of action is decided based on the
damage of your roof, the manager handles all communication for you from there. Whether it is with the insurance adjuster, or with our financing options, it’s very easy when you have that someone walking you through the process.