Fraley Roofing is here to address your commercial and residential roofing needs. Below you will find some of our most frequently asked questions. Feel free to give us a call or contact us online if your question is not addressed.

Do you give free estimates?

We will provide free estimates on residential projects in the designated central Arkansas areas we serve (view our service area map).  We will provide a free estimate on commercial projects state wide.

Can you work with my insurance?

Yes!  We have the knowledge and experience to work with your insurance for our residential and commercial customers.  Learn more about residential claims and commercial claims.

Do you provide emergency repairs?

We do all types of emergency repairs.  Our phone lines are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We have field technicians on call at all times that can respond to emergencies. Just give us a call at (501) 834-9602.

Can you provide a labor and material warranty?

Absolutely! We can offer up to a 30-year labor and material warranty for your commercial roofing project. Also available are 15, 20 and 25-year labor and material warranties. For our residential jobs we offer 3 or 5 year labor warranty and anywhere from 20 to lifetime material warranties. We are able to offer the highest manufacturers upgraded warranties for Certainteed and Atlas shingles. Please let us know you are interested in upgrading at the beginning of your project. Learn more here.

Will you do a maintenance contract?

Fraley Roofing desires to build relationships with our clients. Whether you’re in the market for a new roof, re-roof or simply want to maintain the existing roof on your building, we are happy to work with you. We can enter into a maintenance contract whereby you will be charged a reasonable labor fee plus materials. We know and understand the importance of using the most cost effective means to protect your building and your business. Learn more here.

Do you do residential roofing?

We built our business on residential roofing and we continue to install all types of residential roofing today in the central Arkansas area. Learn more here.

What manufacturers do you use for commercial applications?

We are certified to install Mule-Hide, GAF, Carlisle and IB Roof Systems applications. We are determined to find the right application to meet your roofing and budget needs. Learn more here.

Do you offer financing?

We do offer promotional payment options if you qualify. Learn more here or call us today to find out the current offer available!

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